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From 2012 to 2013, Dr. Kala Shreen generated several photographs for the book "Celebrating Crafts" published by the World Crafts Council. The subjects of the photographs include crafts and artisans from across the globe. These photographs added great value to the aforementioned book.

Previous Photographic Exhibitions

Documentary Film titled "Return of the Rituals": The film was conceptualized, scripted, directed and co-produced by Dr.Kala Shreen in 2009.

Synopsis of docufilm "Return of the Rituals" – English - (28 mins).
The film captures three rites of passage of Nagarathar (a community in Tamilnadu, South India) children, namely, pudumai, supidi and thiruvadirai. It captures various essential elements of the rituals and especially the religious material culture such as ritual objects and implements, sacred floor designs, gift-giving, traditional dress and so on. The film also consists of indigenous ceremonial songs of the community.

Film screenings:

Previous Film Production
Documentary Film titled "Little Traditions of Tamil Nadu": The film was conceptualized, created, scripted and produced by me (2005)

Film screenings: