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The Open University, UK

The knowledge transfer initiative 'CIM Resource' was designed as a research-informed application for teaching and learning by a consortium of researchers in the UK and Europe for The Open University, UK. This venture comprises resource materials generated based on research conducted in various parts of the world. http://www.open.ac.uk/blogs/cim

Dr.Kala Shreen has collaborated with the editorial team and contributed the following resources pertaining to Tamilnadu.
Leaves and Weaves: The Trajectory of the Nagarathar Basket http://www.open.ac.uk/blogs/cim/?p=367
Lines and Dots: Designs of Tamilnadu http://www.open.ac.uk/blogs/cim/?p=339

2011 – 2013
World Crafts Council, Belgium (affiliated to UNESCO)
Co-ordinator, World Crafts Summit,

Project: "Documentation of the World Crafts Summit".
Was involved in the organization of the seminar 'Future is Handmade' and in the documentation of all the activities and deliberations of the World Crafts Summit held in Chennai in 2012. The documentation was based on research work conducted through the observation of the various events, interviewing the participants and visitors and the visual documentation of the summit. The outcome of this assignment was a 250-page book "Celebrating Crafts" covering the summit in detail and comprising over 100 photographs.

March 2007 - Date
Cultural Dynamics and Emotions Network (CDEN), Queen's University Belfast, U.K. www.qub.ac.uk/cden

Dr.Kala Shreen founded CDEN along with Dr.Maruska Svasek, Queen's University Belfast, U.K. which facilitates international and interdisciplinary academic dialogue and knowledge dissemination through collaborative teaching/learning/research projects which are used by students and faculties in U.K., India and elsewhere.

CDEN stimulates international and inter-disciplinary teaching, learning and research on cultural dynamics and emotional processes between faculty and students in different parts of the world.

Jan 2007 – Date
Sri Aurobindo Institute of Research in Social Sciences, Sri Aurobindo Society, Pondicherry, India
Research Consultant and Member-Research Advisory Council

Involved in research projects in the areas of Education, Health, Rural and Village Development, Indian Culture, Youth, Women and Film. Assessment of existing research operations, execution of research projects, development of new research paradigms, design and methodologies and preparation of project/status reports for submission to the Government of India.

School of History and Anthropology, Queen's University Belfast, UK
Associate Researcher
Project: "Creativity and Innovation in a World of Movement". Funded by Humanities European Research Area (HERA), UK.

The project analyses how globalising forces may stimulate or hamper creative forms of cultural production in concrete interlinked social spheres in Europe, India, Africa Australia and the Caribbean. It provides new understandings of the practices/conditions of visual production in an era of increasing global interconnectedness.

Dr. Kala Shreen's research focuses broadly on the crafts, textiles and material culture in Tamilnadu and diaspora Tamils. This has led to her working with the Project Leader (PL) Dr. Maruska Svasek in various capacities in the CIM project. In 2013 she has submitted a chapter for publication in the volume edited by Maruska Svasek and Birgit Meyer. In 2013, she has produced a joint paper with the PL which was presented in the UK and is intended to lead to a joint publication.